How do I become a True Believer member?

You’d like to sign up to be a True Believer? Damn, we’d love to have you! Without the excellent support base from this tiny community of members, and ancillary operations would have shut down in 2012. Instead, we’re growing to be able to do more, and better than before.

Firstly, please consider an amount in your mind which you’d like to offer as a voluntary monthly donation. Anything from R40 (South African residents, or who bank in South Africa) per month and upward of that is really, really helpful. Some members like to offer generously, and we appreciate the value that they feel M4A brings to their lives, but consider our philosophy.

Our philosophy is: it’s better having more people offering smaller amounts and sticking with us for a long time, rather than having only a few offering large amounts which grow burdensome.  The former creates stability, where the latter can be risky and subject to sudden dramatic changes.  But for different people, what equates to a lot or a little is different.  Go with what you know you can comfortably afford and feels right in your heart.

Keep in mind that we offer some perks too, and you can actually custom build your own unique membership package accordingly.

Perks, you say?  Like what?

Perks may include things like VIP access to certain annual shows, such as our own M4A SummerFest/WinterFest concerts each year; where we literally roll out the red carpet exclusively for True Believers who have selected this option. Of course, this is not useful to everybody. Especially if you don’t live in Cape Town or even South Africa. But if you’re living in another SA city we’ve got cool things we can do for you too.

As a member you’re invited to use your membership account to pay for other things. For example, merchandise with affiliates that we partner with sometimes (bands, other promoters, etc), bookings on group transport we sometimes arrange, or even to secure tickets for other big shows by key promoters.

What makes this really cool, however, is that because we use a debit order collection system we can split these prices to be spread over a couple of months. You no longer have to fork out big lump once-off payments. It makes life easier for you; our thank you for you making life easier for us! The best part is that we take care of all the admin and you can easily log in to your account any time you like to see what is still owing or how many months are left on a payment, etc.

NB: Keep in mind that we are not a commercial/approved credit provider.  So split payments only apply for things which can be redeemed once payments are completed.  Ie: get in touch with us well in advance of concert dates!

Okay, I like this. I’ve decided on my voluntary amount.  What now?

So once you feel confident about a monthly amount for your base donation, click on the blue “BECOME A TRUE BELIEVER” button in the main menu above. You’ll be directed to an electronic form. This form will generate a Debit Order Mandate – the official document accepted by the banks which authorize them to debit your donation directly from your bank account each month. When completed, you should almost immediately receive a copy of this to your own email address for proof.

The first thing the form asks you is: “Please select package”.

The option appears to choose either a “Basic True Believer Membership” or a “Custom True Believer Membership”

Select TB Package demo

What does this mean?

Well, here is your chance to build up your unique TB membership package from ground up.  It all starts with your base membership: the donation.

If you’re just wanting to help out with a little money and not too interested in attending the bi-annual festivals (hosted in Cape Town) and stuff like that, don’t choose the Custom Membership.  Just go with Basic.  You can always change this later on request if you like.  Basic members are also allowed to request things like concert tickets as and when we make deals with promoters, no matter how little or how much you offer.  We serve the poorer among us just as swiftly as the rich.  We metalheads need to look after each other, after all.

Choose a price value and it will highlight in orange.

What about the Custom Membership?

This is generally for those of you closest to M4A headquarters where you regularly attend our SummerFest and WinterFest bi-annual concerts.  The trick here is that you can tick multiple selections.  Therefore, choose your base membership value, and then lower down on the list also select additional boxes as needs be.

Just watch your budget! If you want to reconsider your monthly spend, just uncheck a box by clicking it again, then choose the appropriate again and so on.

Once you’ve got that part sorted out, then you can fill in the rest of the form as instructed. Be advised that this form is through a secure gateway and none of your sensitive information is stored on our website. We only use reputable third party services.

Can I select my own date for debit orders?

Please note that you get to choose from a number of debit order dates; but limited to three options.  Please select the one which is the closest to serving your transacting needs.  Because we’re still far, far away from being able to employ a full-time financial administrator, we can regretfully not offer any other days besides the 27th, the 1st or the 3rd of a month.

Also note that the field labeled “Bank Account Name” is asking for the name of the person or company whose account it is.  We find that some people are not too sure what to fill in here.

Thank you!

Then it’s just a matter of digitally signing (tick the box accepting terms and conditions) the form and submitting it.  Welcome to the True Believers!

You’ll be assigned a user whereby you can log into your membership account via this website (it’s up in the main menu) to check statements, monitor future payment (when having booked extra stuff and split payments) schedules, change details and so forth.  Naturally, I’ll always be on hand to assist with any queries or issues that may arise where the system cannot help you.