The Nature of an NPO

“An NPO is defined, in terms of section 1 of the NPO Act, as a trust, company or other association of persons established for a public purpose and of which its income and property are not distributable to its members or office bearers except as reasonable compensation for services rendered. Nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) and community based organisations (CBOs) are collectively known as nonprofit organisations (NPOs). In some instance, NPOs are also referred to as Civil Society Organisations (CSO).” ~ Government of South Africa, Department of Social Development

Model Codes of Good Practice

Fiend Arts, and by definition and all of its ancillary projects, has always operated by certain principles.  These principles are summarized beautifully in this document provided by the South African Department of Social Development and further provide a working template for future work undertaken by Fiend Arts in preserving and stimulating a cultural identity within our community.

Click here to access the document Model Codes of Good Practice as a downloadable .pdf file

Fiend Arts, Reg. 206-082 NPO

Fiend Arts operates on the basis of receiving donations from members of the public; specifically (but not limited to) members of the community which it most directly serves.  This ensures continued daily operation.

Funds are administered and allocated to work by a Body Corporate on behalf of the organization.  The Body Corporate consists of:

Chairperson: Sonja Ruppersberg-Blom.

Sonja works for a prominent South African company as Personal Assistant to the CEO.  She has extensive knowledge of the structural hierarchy, appropriate conduct and discipline required within an organization.  Sonja also completed a Senior Paralegal Diploma (SASOPS) and attained her Paralegal Certification (UCT).

Secretary: Jeanne Badenhorst

Jeanne achieved a BCom Business Management and BCom Business Management Honours (UNISA) and has years of professional experience in her field of study.

Treasurer: Donovan Tose

Donovan is a top performing sales representative for a leading distributor of high-value equipment and consumables of global brands.   His track record proves excellent understanding of financial targets, goal-setting, and fiscal discipline.

The members of the Body Corporate fill their official positions as unpaid volunteers, offering guidance and experience to aid in the success of Fiend Arts.  All three are active participants in the community served by Fiend Arts and in various capacities, ranging from artist to patron.

Operations Manager: Patrick Davidson

Patrick is not a member of the Body Corporate. He is employed by the organization to oversee efficient and reliable delivery of services.