Daily Articles

Delivering daily articles on African Metal happenings, Monday to Friday, such as: releases, tours, gig-guide and highlighted events.  Nothing worthwhile should go unnoticed as has been the case too often in previous years.

Annual Events

We’ve developed a culture in Cape Town over the years; one of Friendship and Metal.  SummerFest and WinterFest are annual highlights attracting visitors from not only South Africa, but abroad too.

Audio Channel

2018 is the year where this must happen!  We’ve been planning an audio streaming channel for years; one which will feature exclusively African Metal and Hard Rock music.  It’s coming!  Watch this space.

World Conquest

As a publicity portal for local metal there is still one void which needs to be filled.  Our community needs a centralized space where music can not only be listened to, but also distributed from.  This is coming soon.